Feel extra special when you indulge in our delicious Doceo Box of gourmet Belgian truffles, knowing that you are bringing the seeds of literacy to a child in need. 

With every purchase of our Doceo Box, we send one box filled with school supplies to a needy child somewhere in the world. Thanks to the underwriting of NGO partners, our Doceo Educational Boxes come filled with the basic tools of literacy and mathematics needed, for a child to begin his or her journey towards literacy. Our boxes come filled with paper, pencils, eraser, sharpener, ruler scissors, and more. 

(contents may vary depending on supply and destination)


Your donation will go towards purchasing of school supplies to fill the boxes and the cost to send them to children in need. All funds donated will be specifically held for these purposes only.

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Spread the Word

Inside every Doceo Box find a post card you can mail to someone whom you think would enjoy participating in this mission.