Rich Dark or Creamy Milk

Our milk chocolate is a creamy and well rounded, with a darker color than some, and an intense cacao taste with caramel flavor.

In our dark chocolate, we use beans that are sourced from Africa. Each one is roasted in its entire shell, to protect it and lock in all the subtleties and aromas. This yields an intense, more complex and deeper cocoa flavor.

 Our handmade Belgian chocolate has been ground much finer than most other chocolate you'll find. The fineness yielded in each tiny particle can never be sensed individually, due to that melt-in-your-mouth experience of each morsel. Adding pure cocoa butter and a dash of natural vanilla rounds off the taste and texture of the chocolate, and thus it becomes authentic Belgian chocolate.



Gourmet Belgian Truffles

Whether they're wrapped around smooth hazelnut or robust coffee, our truffles come filled with  smooth chocolate ganaches in eight delicious flavors, plus one soft caramel and one buttery peanut butter. 

Mixed from our fine authentic Belgian chocolates, our handmade truffles are made using fresh cream and organic butter, fused together in a lusciously smooth combination. Our handcrafted chocolate will surely amaze your tastebuds with its rich flavors and true refinement.  Be transported to another time and place, one decadent bite at a time.











Belgian Heritage

Our Belgian heritage, and traditional family recipes are found at the heart of our chocolate ganaches. Though we appreciate the help of technology, we still create our gourmet Belgian truffles the old-fashioned way, one at a time. Each batch is carefully crafted by hand to perfection. All of it tested by our Master Chocolatier's impeccable native Belgian palette; a point of reference authentically acquired through her childhood and memories of that perfect chocolate from the old country.

Our Master Chocolatier

Laurance Perry was born in Belgium, and the one thing she brought with her to America was a love for all things chocolate. And serendipitously, she found she could make her passion into a business. Thus, Petit Secret Chocolate was born.

With her mother's help, Laurence recreated authentic old world Belgian recipes. Along with her gourmet truffles, she brings refined sophistication to locally inspired shapes, such as chocolate skis, cowboy hats, bison, bears and minnows.  

Her authentic Belgian Chocolate has captured the attention of the young and old, both regionally and nationally. Each handcrafted chocolate is made in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where Laurence works and lives with her husband and two sons.   

Along with creating mouth-watering chocolate ganaches, her heart's mission is also well exemplified in her creation of the Doceo Box, a philanthropic endeavor that has brought educational tools to needy children around the world.